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Andre Honsberg Andre Honsberg is a software engineer who develops mostly for the Web. He lives in Hamburg Germany and works building software for the web using a wide spectrum of different technologies.

SWFTools LogoDoing a lot of web development I always need to find new ways to do things. A client recently needed a Flash PDF reader so I had to install swftools. Unfortunately on CentOS 5.6 I could not get the application compiled even though I had all the dependencies.

Well now I found an easy solution to install the package on CentOS 5.6. Follow the steps below on the command line as root:

Install all the dependencies:

yum install gcc* automake zlib-devel libjpeg-devel giflib-devel freetype-devel

Install the repository:

rpm -Uvh

Now simple run:

yum install swftools

And it should download and install swftools and lame also if it is not installed already. Now to check if everything was installed properly run the following command.

pdf2swf -h

This will show you the switches for the pdf2swf command. For the documentation for swftools go to their wiki page. swftools wiki

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Thursday the 24th of July, 2014 at 18:51:47
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This worked flawlessly , Thank you!